Abreaction is an involuntary release of emotional material from the subconscious mind. It can take the form of a facial expression, of tears, laughter, or verbal expression.  Abreactions can be created intentionally by the Hypnotherapist or can happen involuntarily when the subconscious mind reacts either negatively or positively to something the Hypnotherapist has said.


Accidental Hypnosis is another term for Waking Hypnosis- where the client is in an altered state and they do not know it.


Age Regression is guiding a client backwards in time to relive a previous event or experience a series of previous events from this lifetime. Age regression becomes Past Life Regression when the client goes back to a time other than this lifetime.


Altered State refers to any state of trance. Any state of mind where brain waves are not in the normal range of total awareness usually known as the Beta state.  Refers to Waking Hypnosis, Natural Hypnosis, Trance Hypnosis, Sleeping Hypnosis, Meditation, Day Dreaming or trance known by any other name.


Amnesia is either a natural state of mind where the client does not remember something from their past or a state of forgetfulness the Hypnotherapist creates by making specific suggestions.


Altered State or altered consciousness are terms for any trance state, meditation or self-induced hypnosis. Another term for the hypnotic state. Having achieved conversion.


Analgesia is the absence of any pain sensation


Anesthesia is the absence of any sensation other than numbness in an area


Anchor is a specific stimulus- touch, word, sound that will immediately activate a positive feeling.  Anchoring for the client will help you to move them quickly from one emotional state to another.  It can also give them a tool to take away with them to recreate the positive emotions you are helping them to feel.


Associated is a state of being in the body.  If our client is associated they are fully involved in their body, seeing the world out of their own eyes. Sometimes called First Position.


Aversion Therapy is giving your client suggestions that emphasize the negative aspects of a habit or behaviour; such as finding the smell of cigarette smoke sickening.


Auto Dual is a process where the Hypnotherapist gives instructions in the first person and the client repeats them to themselves, either aloud or silently, thus hypnotizing themselves. A good process for Hypervigilants.


Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is that part of the nervous system that regulates bodily activities involuntarily.  Activities are divided between the sympathetic nervous system (fear/stress) and the parasympathetic (pleasure/calm/joy). 


Autosuggestion is the practice of giving oneself suggestions. As in Auto dual.


Awakening a client is bringing the client back to full awareness, and out of the altered state. We usually do this with an exiting procedure. A term that is often criticized because the client is not really “asleep”.  Exiting and bringing back to full awareness are better terms.


Behaviour Modification is a process of helping your client to change their undesirable behaviour by using systematic desensitization or creative visualization to help them see themselves positively.


Beliefs are held in the subconscious.  They are things that are known to the subconscious mind as factual.


Body Syndromes are physical manifestations of emotional trauma.  When these traumas are held in or trapped emotionally, the emotion will manifest or express itself as a physical issue or discomfort.


Bunching happens when a client has several problems that he or she has lumped together as one single issue.  We have to separate them for the client and work at them individually.


Challenging a client is giving them a test or task that they will fail while in the altered state. Such as an eye challenge.  This will confirm for them that they are indeed in a trance and that discovery will then automatically deepen them.


Circle Therapy used for fears and phobias.  Repeatedly taking the client to a point to face their fear, desensitizing with repetition until there is no anxiety left. Anxiety will eventually disappear because of the relaxed hypnotic state. A safe space must be set up prior to using Circle Therapy.


Client bill of rights is any type of document presented to a client that sets out for the client  the hypnotist’s education, scope of service, fees, and contact information.  Assuring the client their rights to service and confidentiality.



Compounding suggestion is a technique used to increase the result of a suggestion, especially ones we are giving out clients post hypnotically for new behaviours. It can be done with repetition, layering, looping.


Conditioned Response is the learned response created when a stimulus is repeatedly paired with a result or reinforcement- establishing conditioned responses. Such as ” each time you hear the word deeper, your body will sink even deeper into the chair.  That’s good.”


Conversion is the moment the client moves from the conscious state into the altered state.


Convincers are tests or challenges that convince a client that they are in hypnosis and therefore allow them to accept and go deeper into trance.  Same as challenges.


Deepeners are words, phrases, and procedures that are used to help the client intensify the trance state. As the client goes “deeper” the brain waves slow down and they respond more and more from the subconscious mind.


Delayed Reaction or Action is found when you have made an inferred suggestion to a client and they don’t make the behaviour change until something comes up that reminds them about the suggestion; the situation presents itself. Delayed reaction is more common to Emos.


Direct Suggestions are suggestions we give our clients, which will help to make a change at the subconscious level.  We use direct suggestion in conjunction with two-way or interactive therapy (client driven) as well as when we are doing all of the talking and therapy is one-way (therapist driven).


Direct or Literal Patter is words and language that tell the client to specifically change something, or to feel or experience something you wish them to.  Direct patter is more appropriate to a Physical Suggestible.


Dissociation (or disassociated) is the state most of our clients are in when they come to us.  They are more in their head than in their bodies. Another meaning for dissociated is when a client sees themselves in a regression but they are looking at themselves, rather than out through their own eyes. Thirdly,dissociation is when a client has a loss of feeling indifferent parts of the body while in trance state.


Endorphins are “good” chemicals naturally created in the brain that raise good feelings.  Often not flowing at all in depressed clients.


False Memories are memories which are either untrue or memories which have been distorted by self or others.  False memories can be caused by careless leading of a client, especially when they are in an altered state.


Fractionation is when a client is taken in and out of hypnosis during a session for a deeper state of hypnosis.  Also called Reactional Hypnosis or Rapid Reactional Hypnosis.


Glove Anesthesia is creating anesthesia in a person’s hand  by having them put on a glove of anesthetic gel which then can then transfer to any part of their body that feels discomfort.  A good test to prove somnambulism.


Guided Imagery is a creation of a visual or mental picture or fantasy that will occupy the clients mind while creating specific feelings for the client, usually of peace and calm, relaxation and joy. Often guided imagery will create conversion into hypnosis at some point, but there is no control over when that will happen. Imagery requires the use of all of the senses, not just visual.


Hetero Hypnosis is when one person helps another into hypnosis, opposite to self-hypnosis.


Homeostasis is a state of equilibrium- not in parasympathetic or sympathetic.


Hypersuggestibility is exaggerated, continual waking hypnosis where a client is constantly open to their environment and most affected by the negativity around them. Often found in depression, or trauma.


Hypnodrama is allowing a client to act out subconscious conflicts in a hypnotic session, in their own mind, not sharing with the Hypnotherapist so there is no embarrassment.  Encourage them to use all senses to re-experience the conflict.


Ideomotor response is a response from the subconscious, via the central nervous system resulting in a physical reaction such as a finger movement.


Incongruent or Incongruent Behaviour occurs when a client has contradicting Suggestibility and Sexuality.


Induction is a procedure which will create conversion into hypnosis.  It can be long, short or instant.  It allows us to know when the client achieves conversion.


Inferred or Permissive Patter is suggesting, allowing, or “hinting indirectly” that a client may wish to think about something or that making a change might be in the best interest of their subconscious mind.  Inferred patter is most appropriate for Emotional Suggestibles.


Initial Sensitizing Event is the original seed or engram or cause of the symptoms the client is experiencing today.  This ISE is seldom known to the client.


Metaphor is a parallel story which symbolizes something the client can relate to without actually talking about their specific issue.


Neuro Pathways are created each time we think a thought, make a movement, have an experience, and electro-chemical energy travels along a pathway. Each time we experience the same thing, it travels along the same pathway.  The more we experience that feeling, the easier it is for the energy to travel that route.  This is how habits, good and bad are created. We begin to create new pathways for good feelings with our clients, and encourage them to make them stronger, like a muscle.


Parasympathetic is the self-regulating, stabilizing system that brings us back to a state of balance or homeostasis.  Natural calming endorphins create this balance.


Parts Therapy is a process for speaking to the subconscious mind, and specifically to the part of the subconscious mind that is causing the client’s presenting issue. Once identified, determining why it causes the symptom and using techniques to get that part of the mind to change the presenting behavior.


Peaceful Pregnancy is a copyright program which teaches couples how to work with hypnosis for calm pregnancy and childbirth.  You can become a Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioner when you have completed Hypnotist training.


Post Hypnotic Suggestion is any specific action suggestion given to a client with the intent that they will follow that suggestion when they are out of the hypnotic state. We give these suggestions for ease of re-hypnosis or for behavioural changes.


Power Words are words that will indicate some sort of control, or dominate the client’s conscious mind and encourage “flight” into hypnosis; such as “deep, down, now, or sleep!”


Pre-Talk (or Pre-Induction) is an explanation of hypnosis to prepare the client for their experience in the altered state.  It should comfort the client and let them know what to expect.  A well done pre-talk is imperative for rapport.



Progressive Relaxation is a period of storytelling, or guided visualization and mental calming, which creates mental focus and relaxation.  Its purpose is solely for relaxation and calming. 


Rapport is the process by which we get to know or client and our opportunity to make a first impression, making them comfortable and convincing them they have made a good choice to see us.


Reactional Hypnosis- or rapid reactional hypnosis or fractionation is repeatedly inducing hypnosis and exiting, 3 times or more.  This fractionation breaks down barriers to allowing the Hypnotic state.  Each time they open and close their eyes, they go deeper into the hypnosis.  Can be enhanced with a post hypnotic suggestion that this will happen.


Reframing is done during parts or age regression to change the actual root cause event to release trauma. The client does this with their own imagination, visualizing a different outcome to allow a feeling of safety or to change the circumstances around the trauma. The client is “rewriting” their story.


Self-Hypnosis is an intentional self-induced trance state for purposes of making changes at the subconscious level, such as behaviors and manifesting.


Sympathetic is the system that is activated when the body is ready for “fight or flight”- when the body is preparing for danger (stress). 


Soul Screening is a copyrighted technique for clearing the Soul after the death in an alternate lifetime so it will clear things for them in this lifetime.


Symptom Producing Event is the event that triggered the original root cause and began the existing symptoms the client is experiencing today.  The client sometimes confuses this event with the ISE or real root cause of their symptoms.


Systematic Desensitization is a process of creating a very relaxed state for a client and then having them remember or visualize the source of their trauma. By working with the relaxation and making that the primary feeling, we can help them to begin to look at the source of the trauma with less emotion.  Gradually desensitizing them.


Time Distortion can happen and can be created when a client is in the altered state.  30 minutes can seem like 5.


Ultra Depth is a name given to a procedure where the Hypnotherapist takes a client first to somnambulism, and then to Esdaile or coma state.  This is not a hypnotic state we use for direct suggestion work as the client is not as suggestible in this state.