Free Introduction: Hypnotism Unit One.


This free introduction to the Coastal Academy Hypnotist Program gives you full access to the entire first unit of the course. You will learn about the realities behind the key preconceptions people have about hypnotism, hear from renowned hypnotherapy trainer Leslie McIntosh, and also get a feel for course interactivity.


Hypnosis: Myths and Preconceptions

Kristin Jarvis interviews Leslie McIntosh to explore the differences between the common misconceptions and the actual realities of hypnosis.

  • Welcome!
  • Common Preconceptions about Hypnosis
  • Using The Video Presentation Pages
  • Introduction Presentation
  • Demo Eye Close: Now Your Turn To Try
  • Hypnosis in a nutshell?
  • Definitions of Hypnosis
  • Common Preconceptions 'Quiz'
  • The Next Step

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