The Coastal Academy Hypnotist Program


The Hypnotist Program is the vital first stage in the full Coastal Academy Hypnotherapist Program. In this introduction to hypnosis, you will learn about the history of hypnosis; how hypnosis works (and how to recognize the signs of hypnosis); and the roles and responsibilities of a Hypnotherapist. By the end of this program, you will be able to perform a Progressive Relaxation, employ 6 different hypnosis inductions and use self-hypnosis effectively. You'll also learn the core professional techniques to include when interviewing clients and the use of positive language. This program entitles you to two full months of access to the course resources to enable you to complete your designation as a Hypnotist.

Oath of Affirmation

Before proceding with the program we ask that you read and agree to our Oath of Affirmation.

  • About the Oath of Affirmation
Unit 1A: The History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been around for a very long time.  This section will explore some of the leaders in historical and present times.

  • Recent Thinkers in Hypnotherapy
  • John Kappas
  • Terence Watts
  • Milton H. Erickson (1902–1980)
  • Dave Elman (1900–1967)
  • Charles Tebbetts (1905-1992)
  • An Historical Overview of Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis Research Task
  • Completion of Unit 1A
Unit 1B: Understanding Hypnosis

Now we get to the "hows" of hypnosis itself, exploring what the different trance states are, the purpose of those different depths and how the mind works to accept new messages.

  • Understanding Hypnosis Part 1
  • Positive Language Usage - Tips
  • Understanding Hypnosis Part 2
  • Completion of Unit 1B
Unit 2: The Role of the Hypnotherapist

As we move our focus to our client, you will gather information about your client, determine how you can help them, and get familiar with the various forms that will assist you to do this.  This unit also includes a video sample of a client interview.

  • Hypnotist or Therapist?
  • Roles and Responsibilities and the Client Interview
  • A Listening Attitude: Your Key to Success
  • Practice - Client Interviewing.
  • The Experience You Bring
  • Completion of Unit 2
Unit 3: The Steps of a Hypnosis Session

It is time to experience hypnosis yourself, as well as learn to do hypnosis for a client using the Coastal Academy 8 Step Process.

  • Experience a Hypnosis Session
  • The Eight-Step Hypnosis Process
  • Identifying the Eight Steps
  • Fine-Tuning your Hypnotherapy Style
  • Practice: Hypnosis with a Progressive Relaxation (PR)
  • Completion of Unit 3
Unit 4: Self-Hypnosis

Now you know how to help a client, you can apply those skills to doing Self-Hypnosis to make changes in your own life.

  • Preparing for Self-Hypnosis
  • Practice: Self-Hypnosis for Manifestation
  • Practice: Recording a Self-Hypnosis Script
  • Completion of Unit 4
Hypnotist Quiz: Units 1-4

  • Hypnotist Quiz: Units 1-4
  • Completion of Unit 1-4 Quiz
Unit 5: Determining Your Client's Suggestibility Style

By determining your client's "suggestibility", you will learn how your client prefers to hear information delivered to them.  This unit will ensure that you always speak the way your client prefers, increasing rapport and knowing your client will accept your hypnosis.

  • The Theory of Physical and Emotional Suggestibility
  • Physical and Emotional Suggestibles
  • Sample Client A
  • Sample Client B
  • Sample Client C
  • Sample Client D
  • Answer for Client D
  • Practice: Suggestibility Questionnaire
  • Completion of Unit 5
Unit 6: Inductions and Basic Deepening Techniques

Inductions are a key piece of your hypnosis process and this unit will focus on how to do three inductions of different types.  Deepening techniques assist your clients to "let go" and go deeper into the hypnosis for assured results.

  • Inductions: Introduction
  • Three Induction Techniques
  • Basic Deepening Techniques
  • Deepener Examples: Arm Drop Deepener
  • Deepener Examples: Stair Deepener
  • Completion of Unit 6
Unit 7: Children and Hypnosis

Children are wonderful Hypnotic clients.  Have fun with them.

  • Children And Hypnosis
  • Child Hypnosis: Noticing What's Happening
  • Child Hypnosis With Observations
  • Completion of Unit 7
Hypnotist: Theory Exam

  • Hypnotist: Theory Exam
  • Completion of the Theory Exam
Hypnotist: Practical Exam

  • Hypnotist: Practical Exam
  • Completion of the Coastal Academy Hypnotist Course!
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This is where you will find all the accompanying tools and resources that you will need in your daily practice.


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