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Curious about exploring the possibilities of becoming a hypnotherapist?
You're in the perfect place.

  • If you want to make a difference in the world through the benefits of hypnotherapy.
  • If you have heard of people being helped by hypnotherapy and want to be able to help your friends and loved ones or even yourself.
  • If hypnotherapy speaks to you and you're seriously thinking about taking the next step. 

The Coastal Academy Online Hypnosis Course is where you can do that.

This richly-interactive online course is the first of the three units of our full Clinical Hypnotherapist Program. 

Our program will give you the ground work and the basis to build upon if you decide to continue to work towards being a Hypnotherapist. You can work to your schedule and pace, while having direct contact, feedback and support from Leslie McIntosh and the Coastal Academy faculty.

When you complete this online course, you will understand what hypnosis is, how it works and how to use it. You will also be able to help friends, family, and clients with relaxation, stress relief, and positive suggestions to make changes in their lives.

Discover the impacts that hypnotherapy will have on you, your career, and the world around you.




The Hypnotist Program is the vital first stage in the full Coastal Academy Hypnotherapist Program.
In this introduction to hypnosis, you will learn 
about the history of hypnosis; how hypnosis works (and how to recognize the signs of hypnosis); and the roles and responsibilities of a Hypnotherapist. 

By the end of this program, you will be able to perform a Progressive Relaxation, employ 6 different hypnosis inductions and use self-hypnosis effectively. You'll also learn the core professional techniques to include when interviewing clients and the use of positive language.

This 40-hour program entitles you to two full months of access to the course resources to give you plenty of time to complete your designation as a Hypnotist.

By the end of the Coastal Academy Complete Hypnosis Program you'll know:

• The difference between a Hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist
• What hypnosis really is and some of the features and benefits
• How Hypnosis takes place
• How the Mind works
• Depths of Hypnosis
• Trance Types
• Physiological signs of hypnosis
• Your personal suggestibility
• What differentiates scripts for different clients
• What creates a good visualization for manifesting

• How to prepare for self-hypnosis
• The importance of breathing for you and clients
• The Kappas Theory of Physical and Emotional Suggestibility

• Deepening Techniques
• Kappas Inductions
• What challenges are and why we do them
• About Hypervigilant clients and what they need
• What Hypnotic Equations are and why we use them
• The things we can help children with
• Things to remember when working with children


You'll be able to:

• Talk to people about hypnosis
• Chart information during client visits
• Perform a simple hypnosis session including direct suggestion for therapeutic purposes

• Perform a Progressive Relaxation for one person or a group
• Do self-hypnosis for working on your own issues
• Help your clients understand any issues they may have with communication
• Give post hypnotic suggestions designed to make changes the client wishes to make (therapy scripting)
• Do a complete Hypnotherapy session using direct suggestion therapy
• Successfully challenge your clients to prove to themselves that they are in hypnosis.
• Do a complete Hypnotherapy session including challenges/tests and deepeners and direct-suggestion therapy.

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